Our Story

We are a small business made up of a husband and wife team, “The Culinas”, or individually known as John and Jennifer.

Like you, John wanted grips made from beautiful wood.

He had difficult time finding grips that were comfortable to use and made from choice woods. 

He started hand carving his own grips.

He tweaked his designs after using them and finding out what worked and what didn’t, and with each set he got better.

To his amazement, his target scores started to improve at the range and people started to ask about his grips and how they could get a set. He shared his work on his favorite gun forums and people there were very supportive and wanted to order. That is when his hobby became a business.

Our goal is to provide functional grips that have a tight fit, a natural point of aim, are comfortable using, and are beautiful to look at. At this time, we only make grips for Smith&Wesson revolvers, some Coltmodels, and full-sized 1911 grips.

Please let us know what grips interest you!

We hope to add more grips to our product line, but it is a slow process.  We only make grips out of wood and Micarta at this time. We strive to source the nicest woods that we can get. Most of it is purchased in small quantities because that’s how highly figured wood occurs.

We are constantly searching for the next nice piece.