Grades & Finishes


We offer our grips in four grades:

All of our grips are book matched and are from high quality wood. It’s the beauty of the wood on both grip panels that designates weather it is Service, Signature, or Exhibition.

Service Grade: The grips are primarily made from straight grained, plain looking wood and come with a 4 step finish. Although the grips are book matched, sometimes one grip will have more wood figuring than the other. We do not modify these grips. Prices for Service Grade are $35 for 1911 grips and $95 for N and K frame grips. Service Grade are available in Walnut and Maple only.

Signature Grade:  These grips are made from premium select cuts of wood, come with an 10-12 step finish, and are hand signed. There are also a couple of finish options and some have installed medallions. We post pictures of each set of grips available for sale. Prices for Signature Grade are $65 for 1911 grips, $140 for N and K frame grips and $145 for Python grips. Combat grips are $10 more and installed medallions are $30 extra.

Signature Plus Grade: We created this grade of grips to cover those beauties that fall between Signature and Exhibition Grades. These grips are $15 more than Signature Grade and cover some more costly woods like Cocobolo and American Holly.

Exhibition Grade: We take the word “Exhibition” seriously. Only 2-3% of our production will meet the criteria to fall into this category. These grips are truly one of a kind, with a wow factor through the roof. These grips have a 12-15 step finish and are available with several finish options as well as medallions. Prices for Exhibition Grade vary from $165 (without medallions) to $270 (with medallions for Ebony). Snakewood is the most expensive wood with a set of targets being in the $450 range. We do accept wood from customers. Please read our FAQ section.

We offer four different finish options:

Service Grade: Grips are sanded to 420 and are given three coats of tru-oil.

Tung Oil Finish: Grips are sanded to 420 and have two coats of tung oil. These grips have the classic oiled look of old military rifle stocks.

Satin Finish: Grips are sanded to 3000 grit and are given 12-15 coats of tru-oil. It is applied in a way that does not allow it to seep in as deeply thus giving the grips a satin-like shine.

Premium Tru-Oil Finish:  This is our standard finish. Grips are sanded to 3000 grit and given 12-15 coats of tru-oil. This is the shiniest finish, but it also highlights the beauty of the wood best. The deep oil allows light to penetrate the wood bringing out it’s depth and figure.