We offer our grips in three wood grades:

All of our grips are book matched and are from high quality wood. The cost and figure of the wood, how hard it is to obtain, and difficulty in working/finishing all contribute to weather it is Signature, Signature Plus, or Exhibition grade.


Signature Grade:  These are our most common and economical woods. We always buy the best wood possible and these are all very pretty when finished. Woods available in signature grade are:  Eastern Maple, Walnut, Jatoba, Osage Orange, Purpleheart, and Zebrawood. The price is the same for all woods in this catagory. 

Signature Plus Grade: We created this grade of grips to cover those beauties that fall between signature and exhibition grades or cost a little more than the signature grade woods. These woods can be $10-$35 more and depends on the wood species and figure. 

Exhibition Grade: These are woods that are generally highly figured and cost a considerable amount more. These woods can be difficult to find so there might be a longer waiting time for orders in this grade.


We offer four different finish options:

Service Grade: This is our most economical finish. Grips are sanded to 420 and have two coats of tung oil. These grips have the classic oiled look of old military rifle stocks. The only woods available for the service finish are Signature Grade Maple, Walnut, and Jatoba. Pricing example: A signature grade Walnut target grip with medallions in this finish is $145*.  Forgoing medallions saves $30.

Premium Tru-Oil Finish:  This is our standard and favorite finish. Grips are sanded to 3000 grit and given multiple coats of tru-oil over a 2-3 week period. This is the shiniest finish, but we feel it highlights the beauty of the wood best. The deep oil allows light to penetrate the wood bringing out it’s depth, figure, and best characteristics. Pricing example: A Signature Grade Maple target grip with medallions in this finish is $175* or $145* without medallions.

Satin Finish: Grips are finished  just as they are with our standard tru-oil finsh, however,  it is apllied in a different way  that gives the wood a satin-like shine. The shine is softer but also covers a larger surface area. This looks great on dark woods like Walnut when you want to retain that classic style for an older revolver. The price is the same as our standard tru-oil finish. 

Rosewood Finish: This finish is reserved for rosewoods  (Cocobolo, African Blackwood, Kingwood, etc) and woods that have a high oil content like Macassar Ebony. Woods are sealed and finished but the actual shine is dictated by the oil content of the wood. The higher the oil content the less shine. It can range from a satin shine like African Blackwood to a high shine in orange Cocobolo.




*Note: Price examples do not include shipping which is a minimal amount and pricing is subject to change at any time as wood costs can change. It is best to email us for a price quote if you have specific woods in mind, or if you have any questions. We are happy to help.